Ashtanga yoga workshops

Ashtangayogahelg med Mikko Seppinen. Vi välkomnar Mikko Seppinen tillbaka till oss igen 30/11-2/12 för ytterligare en spännande och lärorik Ashtangayogahelg. Missa inte! Det är alltid så fint att få helheten genom att närvara hela helgen men du kan oxå välja att komma enstaka workshops. Mikko undervisar på engelska, med humor, ödmjukhet och mycket värme. Varmt välkommen

Workshop 1/6 Led Class – Back to Basics. Fredag 30/11 kl 17-19 Our senses are constantly being stimulated and our focus going outward. To achieve progress in yoga we have to focus inward. To do this, Ashtanga uses the Tristhana method which consists of asana, breathing and gazing points. In this led class we’ll take an in-depth look at these foundational elements, so that they can blossom into an integrated yoga practice. Special attention will be given to the sun salutations and standing sequence. For everyone!

Workshop 2/6 Led Primary. Lördag 1/12 kl 9-11. This class, counted in Sanskrit with additional descriptions in English takes you through a full led primary series of the Ashtanga yoga method. Students are led through the sequence in a continuous fashion, with an emphasis on breath counts and details of the vinyasa method in a focused and invigorating atmosphere. This class is for everyone with basic understanding of Ashtanga yoga. Full primary series practice is not a requirement and modifications will be shown as needed.


Workshop 3/6 Breath, Pranayama and Beyond. Lördag 1/12 kl 13-15. Breath is the most vital process in the entire body and at the very heart of the Ashtanga yoga practice. This workshop helps us to better understand our breath and provides tools to move towards – or deepen the connection with – the fourth limb of yoga: pranayama. You will learn a basic pranayama routine, that can open the door to new possibilities within the yoga practice, and guide towards the state of meditation. Everyone welcome!

Workshop 4/6. Primary Series Trouble-Shooting. Lördag 1/12 kl 16-18. In this workshop we will look at a selected themes within the Yoga Chikitsa practice. We will explore the ‘gateway’ poses for a more in-depth look at this therapeutic series. Special attention will be given on how to work with tight hips, as well as how to protect your shoulders, knees, and lower back as you develop your practice. This class is for everyone. Full primary series practice is not a requirement.

Workshop 5/6. Led Standing Sequence, continues as Mysore. Söndag 2/12 kl 9-11. At the very heart of Ashtanga yoga is Mysore practice. The philosophy behind Mysore style is that we all are different, and no guided class can fit the needs of every body. This style of teaching is great for complete beginners and seasoned practitioners alike. Mysore allows for personal, individualised support at every session. This is the traditional method of learning yoga. We start this session with led standing sequence, and afterwards the practice continues Mysore style. Come as you are!

Workshop 6/6. 1% Theory. Söndag 2/12 kl 13-15. “99% practice, 1% theory” – Sri K Pattabhi Jois. What is the aim of yoga? What are the so-called eight limbs of yoga? Where do they come from? How can they help my practice, or life? Most of us enter yoga eager to learn the “asanas,” physical postures. As we deepen our practice, we realise that it is only the third of eight (ashta) limbs (anga) that form what we call the ”Ashtanga yoga” system. This down-to-earth, fun and practical workshop gives an insight into a key philosophical teaching behind yoga and explore their applications within our day-to-day life. Everyone welcome!

Pris: 400:-/ workshop eller 1750:- för hela helgen.

Anmälan: via kurs’vyn i bokningen (nedan) Du betalar när du bokar, din anmälan är bindande.

Om Mikko Seppinen (teaches in english)
..has been studying yoga since the early days of the millennium. Teaching since 2003, Mikko wants to inspire the passion for the practice and to help students to be sincere rather than serious. In recent years, Mikko has been leading workshops and retreats in Europe, Asia and Africa.
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