Yoga on and off the mat with Mikko

Yoga workshop 6-7 of July with mikko seppinen

Vi välkomnar Mikko tillbaka till oss här på Veda igen för en lärorik & spännande yogahelg. Mikko har i flera år drivit yogastudio i Köpenhamn och reser nu runt hela världen för att undervisa yoga. Denna helg har tema ”Yoga on and off the mat”, och du kommer få ta del av ledda yogaklasser, många värdefulla tips & fördjupa din förståelse för yogans filosofi. Du behöer inga förkunskaper för att delta.

One of the greatest gifts of yoga is that it provides us tools to return to a life of peace and simplicity in a world of growing complexity. Through regular practice we can ultimately find the freedom to be who we really are and inspire others do the same. This weekend workshop covers the fundamental techniques and teachings of yoga in a down-to-earth and lighthearted manner, and aims to take the practices into everyday life. During the weekend we will cultivate the yoga process by practicing asanas, building up a pranayama practice, and learning about the basics of the philosophy that integrates all of the practices into the life off the mat.

The workshop is for everyone, whatever is the level of experience. Asana practice is based on Ashtanga yoga, but no previous experience is necessary.


Saturday and Sunday 6-7 of July

9.00-11.30 On the mat: Pranayama and guided asana practice
These morning sessions will support the idea that the breath is the most powerful aspect of yoga. We will start the mornings by enhancing our breath awareness and use it to deepen our asana practice. In the asana practice we will break down individual elements and explore the postures in-depth, finding a way for everyone to create both steadiness and ease. During the mornings we will build up a basic pranayama practice and gain a greater awareness to perform the asanas more skillfully. For all levels – everyone will benefit!

12.15-14.00 Off the mat: Yoga in the daily life
Most of us enter yoga eager to learn the “asanas,” physical postures. As we deepen our practice, we realise that it is only one small element of the bigger picture. These down-to-earth, practical and inspiring afternoon sessions give insights into the key philosophical teaching behind yoga and explores their applications within our day-to-day life. For everyone who wants to find out how yoga can truly improve the quality of their lives!

Pris: 1490:- för hela helgen. Mikko undervisar på engelska. Din anmälan är bindande.

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